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TEMPE, AZ October 28, 2004 -- "The Perfect Location" , an Arizona-produced short film, has been accepted and will be shown at the University of Advancing Technology's Technology Forum 2004 in Tempe, Arizona. "The Perfect Location" is a 10-minute suspenseful thriller that features music by hit rock band CKY and music by local Arizona band Fracture Point. "The Perfect Location" features Arizona actors Kiernan Ryan Daley and Dean St. Louis. "The Perfect Location" is about a young man looking for an easy way to earn some quick cash. After answering a mysterious ad in the newspaper for a film location scout, he is thrown into a world of death and deception. Now he is going to have to rely on all his wits just to survive THE PERFECT LOCATION!

"The Perfect Location" was produced by Ryan Spevack, directed by Edward Anthony Mendoza and written by Arizona native St. Louis. St. Louis was the star in the hit 1999 Roger Cormon horror movie "The Coroner." Spevack is a student at University of Advancing Technology ( in Tempe. Spevack's production company Zero One Entertainment ( is behind the film. Spevack remarked, "I hope everyone who is interested in seeing and supporting Arizona filmmakers will be able to come and check it out." "The Perfect Location" was filmed entirely in the Phoenix area.

University of Advancing Technology's Technology Forum 2004 features speakers in the fields of game design, network security and digital video. The screening will also be featured at the UAT Student Film Festival. The student film festival is free and open to the general public.

"The Perfect Location" also features a special music video done with hit rock band CKY ( The producer, Spevack, has directed footage for CKY for the past few years and has included live footage along with scenes from "The Perfect Location," edited by Mendoza. The CKY track "Escape from Hellview" is featured. To download the CKY music video, and "The Perfect Location" trailer, behind the scenes photos and more, visit the official "The Perfect Location" Web site. The music video will also be screened at the event.

"The Perfect Location" screening is Thursday, Nov. 4, 2004, at 8:30 p.m. Doors open at 8:15 p.m. at the UAT Theater. The screening is free and open to the public. VIEW MAP

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September 18th 2004: The First Screening of The Perfect Location will be at 'No Festival Required'. A monthly showcase of short films in the Phoenix area. It will be on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2004 at 7 PM downtown at Modified Arts. Please support the filmmakers of the movie!

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