Behind the Scenes Photos By Ralph Muzio
 (Each Picture Opens New Window)
Assistant Director Jon Ray checks the frame The Producer Ryan Spevack and The Killer 'Dean St. Louis' Audio Mixer Alex Valdes and Boom Op Jonothan Smith
Camera Op Tom Proctor on Crane getting the Shot The Crew Alex Valdes on Makeup
Lighting Director Dan Crapsi checks the Shot Dan Crapsi and Tom Proctor
setting up Dolly
The Director Edward Anthony Mendoza
Edward Mendoza and The Killer Dean St. Louis Edward Directing the Shot Edward and Star
'Kiernan Ryan Daley'
The Killer takes a Beating The Director and Still Photographer Ralph Muzio w/Kiernan Ryan Daley Camera Op Tom Proctor and Edward Mendoza
Script Supervisor Ginny Temple Ginny Temple and Killer Dan Crapsi and 2nd Cam Op Chris Smith setting up the Jib
Edward Mendoza and Tom Proctor Setting up the Jib Jib Shot Ready to Go Assistant Director Jon Ray taking notes
The Lead Actor 'Kiernan Ryan Daley' Kiernan with the Cam Kiernan Shows his feelings to Killer
The Killer 'Dean St. Louis' The Killer Don't Piss him Off
Say Your Prayers Prepping the Killer Alex Valdes on Makeup
Dean St. Louis Setting up the Shot Constructing the Set The Crew From L to R: Eric Riedmann, Miguel Duran, Walter Zekeda, Tom Aagaard, and Tom Lopez
Setting up Killer Tom Proctor Shooting Killer Kiernan and Tom On Location
Time to Die Setting up some Gear AD Jon Ray poses as Dead Body